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Hi !!!

My name is Tammy , I am a Grand-mother of 3 , I live in Port St. Lucie Fl . I work in a large call center. I got on these products because my sister forced me. I lost 41 Lbs in 42 Days from size 14-2. It’s been over 2 years and I lost an additional 13 Lbs Totaling 53 Lbs going to a size Zero !!!!!

I used to drink  Mountain Dew for about 30 years about a 12 pack a day and Omni helped me stop cold Turkey and I feel great !!!

These Product’s have changed my families lives . My sister’s and i Lost 209 Lbs together. Omni actually gave me back my sister Victoria . Before Omni she was Totally disabled for over a year on 39 prescription drugs and in bed, She found these Awesome products and in 10 months time she was Medication free and back to work full time and we are having the time of our lives doing what we want to do sharing Omnitrition